A&T History

North Carolina A&T has a long and rich history as a university and has played a significant role in the struggle for civil rights for African Americans in the United States. The timeline below represents important dates and events in N.C. A&T history. For a more detailed timeline, 点击这里


1891年 - 高校建立与意图“传授实用农业和机械艺术和学习等分支机构涉及那里,不排除学术和古典指令”北卡罗莱纳州的非洲裔公民。

1892年 - 约翰·奥利弗·克罗斯比被选为由董事会学院的第一任总统。

1896年 - 博士。詹姆斯湾达力被选择为第二会长。他担任直到1925年。

1899年 - 大学授予其学士学位。

1925 – Dr. Ferdinand D. Bluford is selected as the third president. He serves until 1955, becoming the longest serving leader in the history of A&T until this day.



1928年 - 大学成为男女同校,承认女学生。

1945 – First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt tours the campus with A&T President F.D. Bluford.

1951年 - 在农学生足球队赢得HBCU全国冠军。

1955 - 博士。 warmoth吨。吉布斯被选择作为第四总裁和发球直到1960年。

1957 – The college becomes "Agricultural and Technical College of North Carolina," and the North Carolina General Assembly redefines the purpose of A&T: "to teach the Agricultural and Technical Arts and Sciences and such branches of learning as related thereto; the training of teachers, supervisors, and administrators for the public schools of the State, including the preparation of such teachers, supervisors, and administrators for the Master's Degree."



1960 – Ezell Blair, Jr. (Jibreel Khazan), Franklin McCain, Joseph McNeil and David Richmond, four freshman students at A&T College, initiate the 午餐柜台静坐在格林斯博罗游行2月1日. They become known as The A&T Four, and their non-violent protest starts a wave of similar sit-ins that play a key role in raising awareness of and ending segregation in North Carolina and across the south.

1960年 - 博士。塞缪尔·d。监考被选为该学院的第五任总裁,供应直到1964年。

1964 - 博士。刘易斯℃。寒酸被选为该学院的第六任总统,并成为直到1980年。

1967年 - 由北卡罗来纳大会的行为,学院被指定为地区大学和学院的名称被改为“北卡罗莱纳州农业技术州立大学。”

1968年 - 在农学生橄榄球队赢得了第二HBCU全国冠军。



1972 – N.C. A&T becomes a constituent institution of the University of North Carolina System.

1980 – Dr. Cleon F. Thompson is named the seventh leader of A&T, serving one year as interim chancellor.

1981 - 博士。爱德华湾堡垒就任第八校长和服务直到1999年。

1983 – The Rev. Jesse Jackson, a 1964 A&T graduate, becomes a candidate for the presidency of the United States, launching the first of two high-profile presidential campaigns (the second came in 1988). 

1984 – N.C. A&T graduate Dr. Ronald E. McNair orbits the earth in the Space Shuttle 挑战者。可悲的是,两年后医生。捷亡在 挑战者 爆炸。

1990年 - 在农学生橄榄球队赢得了第三HBCU全国冠军。

1999年 - 在农学生橄榄球队赢得了第四HBCU全国冠军。

1999 – Dr. James C. Renick is installed as the ninth chancellor of A&T.



2001 - 博士。卡罗琳·W上。迈尔斯被命名为大学第一教务长。

2002 – A monument honoring the A&T Four is unveiled in front of the James B. Dudley Building.

2006 – Dr. Stanley F. Battle is named the 10th chancellor of A&T.

2009 – Dr. Harold L. Martin, Sr., formerly the A&T vice chancellor for Academic Affairs and dean of the College of Engineering, is elected chancellor, becoming the first A&T alumnus to serve in the position.

2012 – Michelle Obama makes history as the first First Lady of the United States to be North Carolina A&T's commencement speaker.

2015年 - 在农学生橄榄球队赢得了第五HBCU全国冠军。

2016 – Former U.S. Secretary of State, U.S. Senator and First Lady Hillary Clinton is a special guest at A&T's pep rally for its homecoming game. She is the third first lady to visit the campus.  

2016 – The 44th president of the United States, Barack Obama, sits down with ESPN's Stan Verrett at North Caroline A&T for a nationally televised conversation on sports, race and achievement. 

2017年 - 在农学生橄榄球队赢得了第六届HBCU全国冠军。 

2018 - 的农学生橄榄球队赢得了第七届HBCU全国冠军,其在四年内第三。


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